Press On Tabs
Press On Tabs
Press On Tabs
Press On Tabs

Press On Tabs

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Re-use Paintbox Press Ons with our completely non-damaging, quick-change Press On Tabs. Great for short-term wear such as events and special occasions, the Press On Tabs allow your Press On nails to last up to 7 days. Includes 10 sheets of tabs, or 10 manicures, per box. 

    Each box includes 10 sheets of Press On Tabs, which equates to approximately 10 manicures.

    Start with clean, dry nails.

    Use the tab size that covers the most surface area of the nail without being too large.

    Press the tabs, adhesive side down, onto your nail close to the cuticle, applying firm pressure.

    Gently peel off the plastic backing, then firmly apply your Press Ons.

    Why Paintbox Press-Ons

    • The Best Fit – half sizes for a more precise fit

    • Custom Shape - a modern oval shape and medium length

    • Non-Damaging - quick-change gel tabs for easy removal

    • Versatility - includes gel tabs or brush-on glue for short or longer wear

    Meet Paintbox

    NYC's favorite nail art studio since 2014, Paintbox explores color theory and self-expression through hyper-curated nail designs and colors.

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