Better Together: Coming Soon Founders

How do you pick your nail color combinations?

Helena: I usually do something natural because I chip my nails so much.   Doing a red nail is a big treat so even when I do it, it’s is usually just pinkie, ring, and middle finger. And I keep the pointer and thumb more natural because they chip the most. That is my favorite combination: red and natural pink.  

Fabiana: It's just a mood. Favorite duo was Like Wonder and Like Wild.

In one word, how does a manicure make you feel?

Helena: Well kept.

Fabiana: Clean.

What’s your earliest nail memory?

Helena: I remember getting nail art (a Christmas scene) on one nail when I was about 9. I didn’t want to wash my hands in fear of messing it up.  

Fabiana: Well, I grew up in Venezuela, and women go to the salon over there three times a week. So I got my first manicure when I was really young, like 7 years old. And it just then got incorporated into my routine. Once I became a junior in high school, we would get out at noon on Fridays. So every Friday I'd go get my nails done. 

What role do you play in your business?

Helena: We are a small business, so we all do a lot of different things all the time but F is primarily the Instagram brain.   

Fabiana: We share most of the creative decisions at the store, but I'm definitely more of the "editor" of all the crazy things Helena comes up with. I also do all the book side of things like pay bills, etc.–and for some reason I manage our employees more, like they ask me first about things–so even though Helena is totally the boss of our house you could say I'm a bit more of the boss at work.

In one word, how would you describe your partner?

Helena: Home

Fabiana: Magic

What makes you better together

Helena: We share a lot of similar tastes but come from different experiences in acquiring those tastes. That helps when working with clients and relating to different sensibilities. 

Fabiana: I know I wouldn't be doing this without her–so it's not even a questions of better it just wouldn't exist. 

How do you get your best ideas?

Helena: The best ideas come from being relaxed and doing other things like seeing a museum show or a great movie or book.  

Fabiana: In the shower and really everywhere.

Three things you’re into right now?

Helena: The color lime green, recycled plastics, and flowers.

Fabiana: Men’s fashion, Bullet Journaling, the NBA finals­–obsessed with the Toronto Raptors–and Pete Buttigieg. 

How do you press reset and relax?

Helena: Just a day off at home usually does the trick. Just doing your laundry and getting ready for the week ahead is sometimes all I need to regroup. Certainly a day in nature does the trick, too.  

Fabiana: I work out and then watch TV–if not nothing like the beach.


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