Better Together: Our Commitment
Better Together: Our Commitment
Last week, we paused our communications to reflect upon how Paintbox can be boldly inclusive. We are devoting ourselves to these new efforts and initiatives, as we move from reaction to action. We are just beginning–we can, must, and will absolutely do better.

Our Mission

We've made donations (and will continue to give) to the Loveland Foundation, a non-profit that's bringing healing to black women and teens via therapy. We are inspired by how they show up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways. We're excited to plan other ways we can work with this foundation that go beyond a donation.

Our Community

We're excited to create an ongoing mentoring program. We will establish an apprentice program with focused outreach to help the BIPOC community learn more about color theory, manicuring, and color therapy.

Our Studios

We'll be highlighting many more black artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs across all of our content channels, as well as supporting BIPOC businesses via trunk shows in both locations, representation in our studios through our retail shelves and beyond, and lookbook partnerships.

Our Pledge

We're just getting started and have so many new ideas about how we can be boldly inclusive. We can and will do better. Also, we would like to thank Antonia Cheri and Christina Grant, the lovely hand models featured here.