Better Together: Sara Larson + Maayan Zilberman

How do you pick your nail colors?

Sara: It's all relevant to my mood and what I'm feeling that day. I 99.9 percent will always choose a shade of red–similar to Maayan either orange or blue toned, pending the season–but it has to be just right. Sometimes I like to mix colors and typically love a bright orange red with a pale blue (my favorite color combo). I feel the most put together when my nails are done. 

Maayan: I usually wear red, sometimes bright pinks–but always classic manicure colors like in '50s beauty ads. I choose the shades that look best with my skin tone, and this changes with the seasons. When I'm more tan I wear more of an orangey red, when I'm paler in winter I wear bluer tones.

In one word, how does a manicure make you feel?

Sara: Confident. 

Maayan: A manicure makes me feel put together and confident, gets me expressing myself more with my hands, and doing more.

What’s your earliest nail memory?

Sara: My mom always had beautiful nails and would wear the most amazing rings to complement her nail color. The memories of her hands have always stayed with me and inspired me from a young age to adorn my hands. I love wearing pinky rings along with a fresh manicure–and recently got a little red heart tattoo on my ring finger (for my husband Gunnar) I love it!

Maayan: I was always a nail biter, until college. My grandma took me for my first manicure when I was about to graduate and she told me my nail biting years were over...time to grow up.

How did you guys meet and become friends?

Sara: We met through some other amazing NYC women, and Maayan was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen! It was really special to be pregnant at the same time and support each other, as well as share fashion secrets and our love of red lipstick, of course!

Maayan: Sara and I met through some other women in NYC about 10 years ago–I had a lingerie line back then (The Lake & Stars) and that often attracted women and got us all opening up with one another. It's a good excuse to get women to be super real with you. I loved Sara right away for her kindness, honesty, and serious nature. In that she takes life seriously and respects it.

In one word, how would you describe each other?

Sara: Creative Genius

Maayan: Grounded

What makes you better together?

Sara: What makes us better together is the sisterhood of being creative and strong women. We understand each other's language as women, mothers, and creatives. It's a really special thing, especially in New York. It does take a village to raise a family, and I'm so grateful for her and Alex in Gunnar and my life.  

Maayan: I feel like we're drawn together because we possess a lot of the same qualities. But I make Sara laugh and be silly and in turn, being around Sara has inspired me to be more family-oriented. We started spending lots more time together when we were pregs at the same time. I loved having a cool woman to talk to–I don't get into the usual cutesy vibe out there!

When do you get your best ideas and from where do you draw inspiration?

Sara: Walking to work in the morning in the industrial parts of Greenpoint and taking the L train to SoHo. I'm so inspired by what I see and find space to stop and let ideas pour in. 

Maayan: I get my best ideas while I'm walking to my studio in the morning. My walk is through downtown Brooklyn, and I pass some of my favorite shops and people–it perks me up each morning. I have a gorgeous view of the river and the statue of liberty from my candy kitchen. That light and scenery is what gets me inspired.

Three things you’re into right now?


1. Collaborating with my husband, Gunnar (@gunnarlarson) on his interior design projects and coming up with new creative ideas together–it's been amazing.

2. My kids! Royal is one, and I'm getting to spend a lot of time with him–almost like a second maternity leave. Ihlen is 7, and we are doing a ton of nature adventures and finding painted turtles, frog eggs, and fish during our time in Minnesota. I work in fashion and have always felt guilt when going back to work–this is my silver lining. 

3. Cooking classes led by our friend Gina Correll (@ginacorrell) I've been married almost 12 years and have never cooked like this! It's crazy. I'm grateful for my weekly cooking classes with Gina and some other of our dear friends!

Bonus! Nature walks in the prairie! I walk everyday for an hour, and it's time I look forward to having for myself.


1. Watching my bestie @francescadimattio make all the mosaic tiles for her new house via her IG page.

2. @putnamflowers relocated floral business to CA, where they're broadcasting foraged flower arranging.

3. Nonstop comedy central! My fave comedian @jessykirson.


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