Better Together: Shirin von Wulffen & Her Daughter Cecilia

How did you each choose your nail designs/colors?

Cecilia: I have never had a French manicure and kept seeing them on Pinterest, so I was excited to finally have the chance to try it out!

Shirin: I like understated with an element of surprise. I love the natural color of this design and that the gold gems on each nail catch your eye when you look closer so it’s a nice surprise. I usually wear gold rings on several fingers so I like that the gems match.


Shirin von Wulffen & Her Daughter Cecilia


In one word, how does your manicure make you feel?

Cecilia: Elegant 

Shirin: Feminine


Shirin von Wulffen & Her Daughter Cecilia


What’s your earliest nail memory? 

Cecilia: I have been into coloring my own nails since I was four years old, and I used to practice on my little brother! 

Shirin: Sitting on my father’s lap as a child and having him tell me how beautiful my baby nails were on the day that I was born. My father always pays attention to the littlest details, and when he told me that I remember realizing how much you actually notice peoples hands and nails. 

Shirin von Wulffen & Her Daughter Cecilia

In one word, how would you each describe the other?

Cecilia: Fun

Shirin: Radiant 

What makes you “better together?"

Cecilia: Trust

Shirin: Laughter


Shirin von Wulffen & Her Daughter Cecilia


How do you balance your career with being a mom?

Shirin: There is no such thing as the perfect balance so what I try to do is to enjoy each moment to the fullest. When I am working, I try to be present and engaged, and when I am with my kids, I do exactly the same. Sure, I have to juggle and some things fall through the cracks, but I have stopped trying to be perfect; and I Iove living each moment to the fullest, even the tough ones. I also think that it is normal and important to keep asking yourself what feels right for your life and to make changes when you realize that you are not happy.


Shirin von Wulffen & Her Daughter Cecilia


What do you like to do together to press reset and relax?

Both: We love watching sitcoms together. Some of our favorites are Dawson’s Creek, Modern Family, Friends, and Gilmore Girls.

Favorite spots for mother-daughter activities in the city?

Both: The Fekkai salon at The Mark hotel, getting manis at Paintbox, hot chocolate at Sant Ambroeus, and shopping at Reformation & LoveShackFancy.

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