Better Together: The Culinistas

How do you pick your nail color combinations? 

Tiana: Pink on the fingers & dark red on the toes, always.

Jill: Me too! We skew to classics.  


In one word, how does a manicure make you feel?

Tiana: Spunky!

Jill: Polished!


What’s your earliest nail memory?

Tiana: I left an antique scale at the salon with my grandma when I was little and am always reminded of that when I visit. Maybe that is why I keep going back.

Jill: Not surprising that Tiana played with scales when she was little. I enjoyed the smell of a children's nail polish I had and remember liking the smoothness of it on my fingers. 

Tiana: Also not surprising, she always remembers odors and textures! 


What role do each of you play in your company?

Tiana: I keep the lights on…

Jill: And I keep the party going! 


In one word, how would you describe your business partner? 

Tiana: Jill is the head & the heart.

Jill: Tiana is the operations guru. 


What makes you better together? 

Tiana: We share a lot of the same values, yet we have inverse approaches. Our different strengths complement each other. 

Jill: True yin and yang. 


When do you get your best ideas?

Tiana: Mine come to me in the bathtub!

Jill: Listening to music and spending time in nature are the when and the where. 


Three things you’re into right now?

Tiana: Watermelon juice, bacon on Sundays, sprinkles on the side

Jill: Cantaloupe, spy nonfiction and Christian McBride. 


How do you press reset and relax?

Tiana: We both love to end the night with a big bowl of popcorn. 

Jill: Pop it with rosemary oil.

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