Color Theory: Power Couples' Inspiration

Five years in the making. 117,000 manicures at our 17 Crosby Street studio. Thousands of shades tested. That’s what it took to create our new lacquer line, and these inaugural Power Couples, color theory for women who want to feel modern, confident, and connected. These SS19 Power Couples will instantly elevate your style.

Like Desire + Like Dreams: This combination was inspired by a blood-red velvet curtain at the Marni store in Paris and tells a glam story that’s timeless and iconic. Poppy red is an ultra-popular shade at our Crosby Street studio. Like Desire is a year-round classic that’s fiery and warm-toned so that it’s flattering on all complexions. And Like Dreams, a whispery lilac, has creamy-white undertones that help the shade truly pop.

Like Wild + Like Wonder: This couple was inspired by nature–the yin and yang of the sky meeting the earth. The earthy, mossy green shade paired with the sky-blue tone is grounding, uplifting, and harmonious. Greens are really hard to find (often too tropical, sage, or dark) and our artists truly nailed Like Wild–it’s evergreen so wear it any season. And Like Wonder, a pigmented seafoam, is perfectly powdery and everything we want in a manicure–flattering, easy, and fresh.

Like Spice + Like Spring: This Zen duo was inspired by terracotta trends in interior design and California in the 70s–the pairing has a laidback vibe, is slightly retro, and the Thelma and Louise of all the couples. Like Spice is a cinnamon brick that you’ll instantly fall in love with–the rich shade (with both ginger and caramel undertones) elevates your style. And a pallid lemonade with hints of chartreuse, Like Spring evokes everything we cherish about spring–a fresh start, new blooms, and calming, citrusy pastels that signal warm weather.

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