Color Theory: Spring Edition
Introducing our newest color theory guide for spring. Influenced by trends in fashion, architecture, and (most importantly) our talented artists, these power pairs are packed with vivid pops of colors and unexpected combinations. Read on to check out this season’s stunning dozen.

This spring: we're all about venturing outside of our comfort zones to try bold, vibrant color combinations. Whether you prefer tonal contrasts (cherry/blush), complementary shades (daffodil/violet), or wildcard duos (sand/cobalt), we truly have options for everyone at our 17 Crosby studio. Want to break out of your polish rut? Check out our cheeriest inspiration images of below to color your world with ultra-saturated pops of bright shades.

Color Theory: Spring Edition

Make Your Move in candy + tangerine. 

Curveball in violet + pool. 

Date Night in canary + navy.