Color Theory: The Best Neon for You

This season, our creative artists are rediscovering neon tones–in the form of small pops of electric colors atop oh-so-sexy sheer bases. To find the best bright for you, read Creative Director Mabelyn Martin’s guide to highlighter shades below.

Why do neon tones pair so well with sheer shades?

Mabelyn: Because neon colors are so bright and vibrant. They pop best when paired with nudes, especially when matched close to your skin tone. This duo not only elongates the nail, but also lets the neon color be the standout accent.

What’s the best neon for fair or light skin tones?

Mabelyn: Try neon pinks and aqua.

What’s the best neon for medium or olive complexions?

Mabelyn: Go for neon peaches and neon pastel greens like electric mint.

Neon orange nails

What’s the best neon for dark and deep complexion types?

Mabelyn: Experiment with neon yellows and neon oranges.


Neon yellow nails

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