Dare To Bare

Skin is in and we're pleased to introduce a special capsule collection of new negative-space looks perfect for sizzling summer months. "Warm weather calls for shedding the layers we wore during winter and spring, and negative-space manicures—like those in our Show Some Skin collection—are like bikinis for nails," says Elle. "At Paintbox, we view nails as an extension of our wardrobes, so we love to echo trends seen on the runways—from cut-outs to crop tops—in our nail designs.” 

These five fresh looks are available now through Labor Day, so get them while they're hot.

Book a Show Some Skin manicure today.

Make your Beauty Mark with a negative-space look this summer.

Can't decide? Why choose just one color when you can wear two with Split Decision.

String Bikini: the itty bittiest of negative-space looks. Cover just your tips with this fine-line design. 

Negative moons get playful with a colorful sphere on each nail in Mod Moon.

Bandeau, Baby: like your favorite mix-and-match two-piece, but for your nails.

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