Endless Color Stories

Colors play an integral role in our brand identity and have continued to become more and more of a focus in our lookbook each season. While designing our seasonal menu, we like to push outside the expected parameters, incorporate playful textures, and create cohesive colorways. 

Editing our color suggestions to only four is oftentimes one of the most challenging part of our design process, but we like to try to offer enough differentiation to evoke a variety of moods dependent on your personal style or occasion. Whether it's muted neons, classic shades, dark and bright pairings, our color suggestions are merely just that. The options are limitless and subtle tweaks can completely transform your fingertips. Find inspiration for your next design via the client interpretations below–the combinations are limitless. 

Make this Up Top! mani classic in barely-there white or playful in lime green. 

Our Blockbuster design can read feminine with pink and green or really graphic with mint and coral red. 

Try a classic poppy red color or a more glam aqua with a gold diagonal line in our All Angles Covered manicure.  

Opt for bold neon or this modern teal to amp up the impact of these chic gold studs in Wild Side. 

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