First-Ever Resort '16 Collection: Sunseekers
First-Ever Resort '16 Collection: Sunseekers
Paintbox is pleased to introduce our first-ever Resort '16 collection, Sunseekers. Launching today, these five limited-edition designs feature bold gorgeous colors, certain to elevate wintry grays.

Sunseekers, our fist-ever Resort collection features five new designs in bright, bold colors. These limited-edition looks bring sunny accents and pops of color to lighten up even the grayest of days. Book now to bring an out-of-office feel to fingertips–whether you're staying local or planning a great escape. 

Our new negative space design, Eternal Sunshine, brings a ray of light to your fingertips. 

Bright idea: choose two from the ROYGBIV spectrum in this look, Candy Striper. 

Playful, yet crisp dots have a statement-making effect in Sweet Tart. 

Our Frame of Mind design combines unexpected negative space with a matte finish.

Go for a tonal, pink-and-red palette for an impactful swoop in our latest resort design, New Wave. 

First-Ever Resort '16 Collection: Sunseekers