Getting Graphic

While we love a moon mani (we're serious champions of the look), we sometimes crave something a bit more bold. Enter the graphic manicure. 

This season, we've created several styles that forego classic moons, feminine French tips, and soft subtlety. These looks instead get graphic with bold lines, bright colors, and fierce shapes. They're unapologetically statement-making, yet just shy of wild, making them as appropriate for weekend parties as they are for the office. Our favorite way to wear these manicures? Amplify impact by pairing them with striking accessories—like the Chen Chen and Kai Williams marble bangles and white brass Quarry ring we did above.

Desert Sands is the perfect two-tone mani. Go tonal and subtle (like we did here) or choose contrasting colors for a high-impact look. 

Power Point: a classic chevron mani gets a bold update with the addition of a faceted crystal.

A graphic take on a French tip, we love Divergent for its fierce lines.  

Crop Top: negative space and a bright color come together for a powerful look that's accented by tiny gold studs. 

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