Gilded Tips

What was once considered appropriate for only holidays or special occasions, metallics have been reinterpreted for everyday ease in every facet of the fashion industry, trickling right down to to your jewel-toned fingertips. Factors like skin tone, hair color, or the fact that you like to match the jewelry you inherited from your grandmother all influence which metallic becomes the safe go-to and natural extension of your overall look. 

If you haven't tried a metallic manicure yet, now's the time. Subtle elements of silver, gold, copper, or rose gold can instantly propel your nails to a luxe-but-wearable feel, perfect to dress up your all-black-ensembles. With limitless options of glitters, foils, iridescent appliqués, and studs, you'll have plenty to choose from when you want to glisten up.

So whether you're already a metallic addict already or you're contemplating trying your first for your next Paintbox visit, here are a few color combination suggestions to inspire your next manicure. 

For the love of gold: try dark green, cobalt blue, or navy. Silver spectrum? Chocolate brown, burgundy, and black give you both an earthy and futuristic effect. Rose gold pairs well with nudes, light grays, or milky pinks. Warm tones like reds, light browns, and oranges amp up coppery tips. 

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The way this client coordinated her metallic Short Circuit design with gorgeous bracelets is as good as gold. 

Coppery, holographic foils mirror the gorgeous embroidery of these Dries van Noten booties and are a perfect way to warm up your look. 

A rose gold swoosh is the perfect unexpected touch to liven up your nails. 

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