Gilty Pleasure

Count us as cheerleaders for yellow gold's much-deserved comeback in recent years. This warm-hued metal (and its rosy sister) tops the charts at Paintbox, so when creating our FW'14 looks, we made sure to give gold the attention it's due. 

We view nails not only as a beauty indulgence, but also as accessories and therefore extensions of other adornments we wear on or around our hands. A gilt manicure, then, makes a perfect pairing with the gold rings, cuffs, and watches we're all wearing lately. And if you're also a fan of platinum and silver—fear not. Mixing your metals is not only allowed, it's encouraged. 

Below are some of our favorite yellow gold looks from our Fall/Winter '14 collection. From gilded tips to golden flakes, these are winning looks.

Though we can't promise everything around you will turn to gold, Midas Touch does feel a bit like wearing magic at your fingertips. A marriage of Paintbox favorites—a negative moon and metallic French tip—this look is sure to please.

Gilt Group: metallic polish and diagonal gold accents pair beautifully in this look.

Be the Center of Attention with our favorite gold stud look. 

Different Strokes: foil flecks bedeck classic red nails for a look that dazzles. 

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