Gothic Glamour

Introducing our Halloween Capsule Collection. We've put together four fresh looks as elegant as they are eerie. Feeling fearless? Go all the way with ten fingers of gothic glam. Slightly timid? Indulge in just a touch of terror with our two accent nail options. 

Raw Talons - a ten-finger style inspired by trompe l'oeil techniques. A nude base gives way to wicked black triangles painted to mimic claws. And though we're introducing it at Halloween, we love this look so much we'd wear it year round!

Ties That Bind - another ten-finger look, this time with bondage-based inspiration. Black polish creates a cage against bare nails and Swarovski crystal accents round out the manicure for a style that's more glam than ghoul. 

Bone To Pick - a copper skull and crossbones accent nail is the perfect way to dress up a single-color manicure. 

Zombie Invasion - another accent nail option for the timid few. We love this look for its Tim Burton-esque vibes and the way it plays nice with just about any color polish at the base. 

Book a manicure before these looks vanish into thin air on November 2. 

Zombie Invasion and Ties That Bind.

Raw Talons and Bone To Pick.

Faux real: our Raw Talons manicure only looks dangerous. 

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