Great Looks for Shorter Nails

Feeling challenged in the nail length department? Cheer up! There are dozens of looks that flatter nail beds of all shapes and sizes, including those on the shorter side. Our manicurists are experts at scaling looks to suit your nail perfectly. If you opt for a look with moons, we'll make them smaller. A stud? We may suggest a smaller version of the very same stud if your nail is petite. There's no reason to be scared off from a look just because your nails are short. In fact, some looks may even serve to fool the eye into making nail beds look longer. And if you ask us, regular gel manicures are the best way to gain length over time that would be otherwise impossible due to brittle nails breaking under the pressures of every day activities. 

Here are some of our favorite looks for shorter nails (of course, we love them on longer nails, too). Have a look and don't be timid about asking your manicurist which looks best suit your nail shape and length next time you're in the chair. 

*Shown above: Urban Jungle. Foil flatters all and brings eye-catching bling to even short nails. 

Try a glitter ombré with Ice Queen.

Shade Shifter is one of our favorite looks and flatters all.

The matte / shiny contrast in Femme Fatale offers a way to add detail to a manicure without drawing attention to length (or lack thereof).

You don't need a ton of length to indulge in Divergent. The V-shape created by contrasting stripes up the side of your nail can actually give the illusion of longer tips.

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