High On Shine
High On Shine
If there's one key message from our clients' interpretations of our holiday nail collection, it's that shimmer can be pretty impactful. From champagne luminosity to tinsel-like foils, here's all the sparkle inspiration you need to shine through the most social season. No kira kira needed.

Conversation-starting foils, luxe studs, dreamy metallics, icy glitters in graphic shapes–our holiday collection has iridescent, sparkling nails to shine throughout the social season. Whether you're looking for a subtle shimmery beige or a go-all-out, ruby-red foil, we have a variety of options for your party personality. See our easy-to-follow guide below to find the glitter that's tailored to your skin tone. 

If you have dark skin, try pearly silver or an unexpected shade that'll pop, such as fuchsia, white, or even ruby red. 

If you're fair, rose gold or soft champagne tones will add warmth and luminosity to your skin tone. 

Have an olive or medium complexion? Go for rich metallics like copper, pewter, or bronze for dazzling nails.