Highlighter Streaks

As the lightest color of the spectrum, yellow is surprisingly anything but mellow. According to Pantone color psychologists, the shade is known for being uplifting and cheery. Taking into consideration the simple truth that we stare at our manicured tips for the majority of the day, there's no better way to awaken your mood than with any of these energizing yellow designs. 

Try a graphic manicure like our Over and Out look in this electric lemon. Opt for a lighter sun-washed variation of the shade paired with aqua, as in our Paint Spill mani. Or our latest matte marble design, Force of Nature, swirls a kaleidoscope of colors. 

We gravitate towards pale marigold paired with blue, but we also love yellow teamed up with endless color combinations like coral, rose, or mint. Lift your spirits by booking a mani with yellow next time you're in the studio. It'll quickly become your new springtime neutral. 

Highlighter Streaks Highlighter Streaks

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