I Want Candy

Craving something indulgent? Our Spring/Summer lookbook is full of fresh, sweet looks you'll want to wear. We're crushing on manicures featuring candy-like studs, pastel polish pairings, eye-catching foils, and beautiful glitters. Below, we share some designs that will get your digits noticed and satisfy your appetite for something new and delicious. Talk to your manicurist about customizing these looks to suit your palate. We have hundreds of polishes to choose from, plus studs, foils, and glitters in every shade of the rainbow.

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A delicious choice: your choice of foils perfectly complements your favorite polish color with Little Mermaid.

Magic at your fingertips: Glisten Up is the perfect look for those who don't want to overdo indulgence. A clean, negative space nail gives way to a touch of sparkle.

Sweet as sugar: choose two favorite polish colors for a darling duo as seen in Double Take.

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