In Full Bloom

Are we the only ones with spring fever? This time each year we itch to revamp our wardrobes, beauty routines, perhaps even our homes! There's something about the season that inspires starting new and ditching tired go-tos for brand new looks that feel fresh as spring itself. When it comes to our nails, we feel the same way. Here are some new favorite manicures we're crazy about this month.

Ice Breaker (above): We're loving this look for its combination of opalescent flake glitter and pastel polish. But if you're not a girly-girl, don't fret—try this look over a darker shade for a less femme but equally as fashionable look.

Best Buds: The ultimate spring delight for the accent-nail-lover. Sweet sequins come together to form little flowers that remind us of a '60s floral motif. For a fun contrast, choose buds that contrast with solid color nails. Your Paintbox manicurist will guide you through color options.

Nest Egg: Our limited-edition Easter nail also uses sequins for a fun negative space look that pays homage to the candy-colored holiday without being literal about it. We're suckers for all things pastel right now so this look is just what we're craving after a long winter wearing vampy shades.

Glitterati: Knowing how much our clients love glitter, we couldn't wait to debut this look. Glitterati takes sparkle to the extreme with a heavy dose of full-coverage glitter that shines from across a room. If gold's not your thing, ask for silver—we've got that, too. Pair it with a pastel, or choose another shade to make this dazzling look all your own.

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Best Buds: make this look your own by choosing from our selection of colored sequins.

Available through April 5, our limited-edition Easter nail Nest Egg is super sweet.

No more gloves means a sparkling Glitterati manicure will get the attention this look deserves.

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