In Season

There's no better time to enjoy sporting vibrant shades than the hottest months of the year. We're huge fans of bright manicures this season, whether as single-color designs or polychromatic looks. We'll be seen wearing every shade from tangerine to teal (or both, as seen above in Fade Away)—and for inspiration—we've put together a sampling of some of our favorite colorful looks.

Remember, all of our looks are customizable in terms of color, so speak with your manicurist during your next appointment about shade options! 

Add some color to your life—book a Paintbox SS'15 manicure today. 

Cut It Out—this minimal look puts polish color front and center with a striking negative-space accent.

Beautifully combine multiple colors with Tilt-a-Swirl.

Double the pleasure, double the fun. For those who simply can't pick one polish, Double Take is a must-try.

Experience magic in the Moonlight with this bi-color look that's both classic and daring in one.

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