Introducing Paintbox

New York City's manicure scene is getting a major makeover with our flagship nail studio on 17 Crosby Street, nestled between Grand and Howard streets. We've designed every feature with you in mind. 

Browse our menu of curated nail designs pre-manicure, or enjoy some light reading like The Gentlewoman. Thirsty? We offer complimentary champagne and Grady's Iced Coffee (we even have almond milk). And to keep you connected, we've put iPhone charging docks at each station and offer touch screen styluses during the gel removal process. 

Enjoy a manicure with top-of-the-line polishes including Deborah Lippmann, Estee Lauder, Gelish, Essie, Chanel, and cult favorites you won't find anywhere else like Floss Gloss. 

We carry the best polish and gel lines available, including Essie, Chanel, Gelish, Deborah Lippmann, and more. We also carry polish you won't find elsewhere, like indie favorite Floss Gloss. 

Our bookshelf. We not only offer the best reading material around, our manicure looks are printed in menu format for easy browsing pre-manicure. 

The manicure hall

Enjoy sitting at our marble bar while you soak during gel removal

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