Just Delicious

For this enticing post, we've pulled together some of our latest top looks. Just like favorite foods, everyone has a personal preference when it comes to nails—whether you're feeling sweet or saucy, you'll find something that feels distinctly you in the pages of our menu. 

Remember: there are plenty of ways to make a manicure your own. Talk to your manicurist about customizing your look with your ideal polish or gel color, or pick a fun foil combination you haven't yet tried. Need guidance? Our manicurists are experts at this. Don't hesitate to ask questions during your next appointment. 

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For fans of subtlety—Ice Breaker foregoes flashy glitter in favor of opalescent flakes.

Dot Dot Dot... the perfect graphic gold look. Tiny gold sequins make a statement atop the polish of your choice.

Glitter for everyone—gold or silver, we've got it all.

Make a classic red manicure all your own with the addition of negative space and a luxe stud, as seen here in Gold Standard.

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