Luxe Studs

Have you tried a stud manicure at Paintbox yet? We're huge fans of nail accessories, so you've likely been noticing them in the pages of our menus. Our recently launched Holiday collection features two stud-accented looks, and our larger main collection offers even more options to choose from. 

Whether you're a diamonds and pearls kind of girl (consider Semi Sweet or Power Point), or looking for something a bit more fierce (opt for On the Rocks or Center of Attention), Paintbox has the studs you'll want to wear. Complement a favorite piece of jewelry, or simply put the finishing touch on a solid color manicure with studs. And in case you were wondering—our crystals and half pearls are made by Swarovski, which means they're the finest available. Only the best, all for you.

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From our Holiday 2014 collection, Wrapper's Delight. For an enchanting emerald nail, use Zoya Giovanna as we did here.

Power Point: make a statement with negative space manicure and a Swarovski faceted crystal to match. Our perfect red for this look? Zoya Sooki (link to purchase below).

Be the Center of Attention with this beautiful gold stud mani. Look close—these studs have delicate detail you won't want to miss. For our vampy base color, we used Estée Lauder Insolent Plum.

Diamonds (and Pearls) are a girl's best friend. This look, from our Holiday 2014 collection is available for a limited time only so be sure to indulge during the month of December. Our choice for the classic red seen here is RGB Scarlet. 

On the Rocks: gleaming silver orbs contrast beautifully with a matte manicure. At-home hint: use a matte top coat (like we did here) over your favorite polish color for a modern update.

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