Nails of New York: Allison Vernon Thompson
Nails of New York: Allison Vernon Thompson
Talking health, happiness, and manicures with Tribeca Trainer Allison Vernon Thompson.

For our latest Nails of New York profile, we hit the gym with personal trainer and wellness coach Allison Vernon Thompson of Tribeca Trainer. Allison is not only a Paintbox client—she's also Elle's long time friend. Elle will be the first to tell you that while Allison is an expert at getting you to feel the burn during training, she's also there for you as a friend and coach when life outside the gym gets tough. As Allison showed us moves like a plank and tricep curls (all while looking awesome in Nike Flyknits that complemented her Crown Jewel mani), we asked her about why she paints her nails and where she finds inspiration. 

Nails of New York: Allison Vernon Thompson

Why do you paint your nails?

I paint my nails because it makes me feel feminine and pretty. It adds a touch of cheer to my day to look down and see beautifully painted nails.

Allison wears Crown Jewel in Gelish Make You Blink Pink.

Nails of New York: Allison Vernon Thompson

Do you have a favorite polish or go-to look?

I used to have a standard look: one coat of Essie Guchi Muchi Puchi and a second coat of Essie Spaghetti Strap. It was a simple, clean look. But lately I’ve been choosing gel because it lasts much longer when I’m banging my hands around at the gym. Paintbox has inspired me to try new looks. It’s so fun to browse the menu. I choose looks based on my mood or the season. I think I want to try Moonbeam for my next mani, although I may just wait and see what strikes me when I get there!

What inspires you?

Women. I find inspiration from my female clients, my gal pals, my mom, my sister—all of the female energy in my life. I have been lucky enough to have strong female role models. Today, I’m passionate about helping overwhelmed women achieve vibrant, energetic health despite the hectic demands of our modern lifestyles. Spending time with women, hearing about what challenges them, what motivates them, and what makes them feel alive is what inspires me in my work. It helps me to meet my clients where they are. I think a woman who is truly connected to her purpose and desires is incredibly inspiring to be around.

Nails of New York: Allison Vernon Thompson Nails of New York: Allison Vernon ThompsonNails of New York: Allison Vernon Thompson

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