Nails of New York: Angela Popplewell

This week's Nails of New York spotlights Angela Popplewell, co-founder and chief storyteller of 100Cameras. A nonprofit organization that believes in the wonderment behind how kids view the world, 100Cameras provides children globally with the tools they need to express themselves and make an impact, allowing change to be full circle. 

Having been in the world of nonprofits for years, Angela's genuine love for social change is evident in her warm presence and radiant joy. Read more to learn how a manicure helps her to feel centered in the midst of a chaotic role, how she views the nail salon as therapeutic, and how she gravitates towards classic looks that fit into her dynamic lifestyle. 

Nails of New York: Angela Popplewell

Tell us about your first memory of nails. 

In high school, my friends and I would often go to the salon together. It's nostalgic, because we were exploring so many new things while picking out polish together. Time together over nails has since been a sweet treat for my friendships to celebrate a new life benchmark, to cope through things like heartbreak and obstacles, or to simply catch up on the everyday. 

Why are nails important to you? 

With a daily pace that seems like it is constantly on the move as a mother and entrepreneur, looking down and seeing my nails painted is a centering moment for me. 

When do you notice your hands the most? 

If they are short, groomed, and painted in gel, it gives me a sense of feeling sharp, ahead of the game, and calm. 

Nails of New York: Angela Popplewell

In one word how does a mani make you feel? 


How do you pick your design? 

I tend to choose looks that feel more versatile for my lifestyle. I try to branch out because I think the bolder designs are beautiful and unique. But I always end up with something more classic. 

Do you remember your prom nails? 

Dark silver polish in a square-round shape. I've changed my shape to a truer round after a recent trip to Paintbox. 

Nails of New York: Angela Popplewell

Can you tell us a little bit about 100Cameras? 

Our mission is to teach kids worldwide how to embrace their stories and share their perspectives through photography. One hundred percent of the proceeds from their photo sales provide them with the opportunity to fund educational, medical, and lifeline supples for their communities. Through our custom storytelling curriculum, kids living in underserved communities are empowered to learn that their perspectives are important and that they can be the change makers. 

What has been your most memorable trip so far? 

All are incredibly special, but our trip to Cuba was a standout. The culture, people, colors of the city, our incredible partners, and the risks of our mission. Our project was implemented in 2011 during such an interesting time in the country, when kids were thrilled to be given the tools for communication for perhaps the first time.

Nails of New York: Angela Popplewell

Whats ahead for 100Cameras?

During the next year, the 100Cameras platform will scale greatly, enabling the curriculum to be taught in more than fifteen communities worldwide, including IDP camps located in Iraq, just outside the Mosul border. 

When do you get your best ideas? 

When I am off the grid. This typically happens in its most natural state while traveling, experiencing new cultures, and adapting to new ways of living. I'm also in a season of practicing this within my regular rhythm, inviting my best ideas to have space to happen more often without being confused by the internet and social media. Every moment of life is a gift and I want to lean deeper into these truths. 

Nails of New York: Angela Popplewell

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