Nails of New York: Bliss Lau

How did you choose your nail look?

It was visceral. I saw it and just knewsimple, geometric, elegant and with a bit of gold!

 Bliss Lau


Tell us a bit about your jewelry brand and how it started.


I started by making body chains and later, my now-husband proposed to me with a sketchbook, which led me on my journey of making fine jewelry when I designed my own interlocking engagement and wedding rings, which I call the Centered + Acute Rings.

Bliss Lau

Where do you draw inspiration from?

Identity plays a strong role in how I approach design. The Harmonious Collection, inspired by sacred geometry, is connected to the creator within each of us. My Kaleidoscope is made of four interlocking rings that can change each day with how you feel and how you want to move through the world because we are different each day.

Bliss Lau

Anything exciting in the works for the brand?

Yes!! We will be launching new products every few weeks starting this month...Wearing pieces that align with identity and are made in connection with the ethics we believe in is an important piece of how we decide to design and make our jewelry. Our gemstones support artisanal miners, are recycled, or are lab-made so their impact is navigated differently than commercial stones. We like to support humans and the earth in our design, and of course, we love beautiful things.

What are your holy grail beauty products?

All of my makeup is curated by my friend, Lisa Aaron, who is a celebrity makeup artist.  

For eyes, Shiseido’s Controlled Chaos Mascara. I literally stopped getting my lashes done. It’s lengthening and amazing.  

For lips, the ILLIA Lip Tint for fall is my favorite; it's moisturizing, tinting (obviously), and easy like Chapstick.  

Lisa also swears by a simple misting every few hours. I always do extra in the afternoon to bring me back to freshness towards the end of the day. 


Bliss Lau

Three things you're obsessed with for fall?  

Gold pinky rings, sharp tailored shoulders, and morning meditation. 

What are your favorite spots in NYC?

I’ve been leaning towards the classics lately: Breakfast at Balthazar, a mid-week gallery walk through the Lower East Side, and my favorite shows right now are at the Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery and The Hole. Oh, and sunsets on Little Island.  

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