Nails of New York: Gabriella Picone

What’s your earliest nail memory?

I remember my sister and I would spend time in Sicily with my aunt. I loved going over to her eccentric home — she was always dressed in wild patterns, wore chunky jewelry and had the most colorful makeup. Her long nails were always perfectly polished and she would let my sister and I play dress up in her clothes and would paint our nails any color we wanted. I remember feeling so adult and special with my red lipstick and polished pink fingers.

How did you choose your nail look? 

I always love a neutral pink nail and wanted to add a special element to the design so included a gold decorative dot. The design is both delicate and festive.

Gabriella Picone - Idda Studio


Tell us about the inspiration behind Idda Studio and how you got started

I started Idda Studio as a way to bring my paintings to life as fabric. Growing up spending time in Sicily, Idda Studio is inspired by the natural landscape of the Mediterranean, Roman mythology and traditional decorative arts. When creating a new textile collection, I paint each design to scale on paper and then print them onto high quality silk, cotton and linen fabrics from Italy. All the pieces are limited edition and can be worn or used in the home.


Gabriella Picone - Idda Studio


What’s your dream collaboration?

I love collaborations, and Idda Studio works on a bunch of different types of collaborations from print designs for fashion brands to hand painted murals in interior spaces to illustrations for luxury products. My dream collaboration would be to design an immersive hotel in Sicily and create all of the objects in the space from the wallpaper, to the napkins, to the ceramic plates, to the tiles in the pool, etc.


Gabriella Picone - Idda Studio


When do you get your best ideas?

I love traveling and participating in artist residencies in new places. I think it’s important to discover different ways of thinking and making. When I am in a new place, I always try to explore and learn about the local crafts, art and architecture.


How do you take time for yourself and practice self-care? 

I am a morning person. I wake up every morning and work out by either going for a run outside or taking a pilates class. It’s a great way to start the day and gives me the crucial time and energy before a busy work day in the studio.


Gabriella Picone - Idda Studio


Three things you’re loving right now?

My Bolo Bag by Ashya  - it’s perfect for going out and fits the essentials I need 

My Kaleidoscope Cup by JBlu Studio - best mug to drink my morning matcha

My Disc Gold Necklace by WWake - it’s my daily staple and goes with any outfit

Any exciting things in the works for 2023 that you want to share with us?

I'm collaborating with an LA based fashion brand on a line of custom prints for their 2023 summer collection. I'm looking forward to seeing my paintings come to life on fabric and worn on clothing.

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