Nails of New York: Jean Lin
This week's Nails of New York highlights Jean Lin, founder of Colony, a two-year-old design co-op located on the cusp of Tribeca that spotlights independent American designers. Read more to learn about Jean's extensive design background, the confidence she finds in having her nails done, and where she encountered her latest bout of inspo for Colony's blush exhibit, going on now.

We caught up with our very own neighbor and new friend, Jean Lin, in her gorgeous light-filled studio space hours before they opened their doors for a week-long Blush exhibit, full of yoga, figure drawing, and even Paintbox manicures. Their latest installation includes varying shades of pink tones, translated through Fort Standard stone tables, rose-colored wood cleaver by KWH Furniture, spray painted wallpaper by Flat Vernacular, and iridescent wall hangings that look like unicorn skins, woven by Hiroko Takeda. There's even a "forest" of gorgeous brass lighting, including the Moving Mountains palm tree. 

Jean instantly makes you feel like an old, dear friend as she proudly talks you through all of the gorgeously-curated pieces housed in her space. And her aesthetic appreciation and expertise is well-deserved. Jean studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design (where she's still currently teaching), worked for Proenza Schouler, and eventually designed her own line, Dressed in Yellow. Her love of design translated beyond the scope of only fashion, when she began writing about interior design for a small trade publication, Otto. And her heart-filled desire to give back to the community transpires in her charitable design organization Reclaim NYC where local designers created work out of debris from hurricane Sandy. 

Nails of New York: Jean Lin

Why do you paint your nails? 

A good mani really helps polish the rough edges of any look. 

Nails of New York: Jean Lin

Do you have go-to nail color palettes?

I like the classics–true red for a bolder look and soft pinks when I want something subtle. 

Nails of New York: Jean Lin

Can you tell us a little bit about Colony? 

Colony is a design gallery in downtown Manhattan that represents independent American designers of furniture, lighting, textiles, and objects. We operate in the spirit of a co-op, creating a designer-friendly platform, as well as a resource for those who are interested in great American design.

Colony began as an idea to create a support system for the independent American design community, a physical space that is thoughtfully curated and inspiring to visit. 

Nails of New York: Jean Lin

How do your nails influence your daily life? 

Let's just say when they're looking rough, I have a general sense of shame. And when they look glorious (like right now), the shame is replaced with confidence.  

Nails of New York: Jean Lin

What has been the most rewarding part of your business?

The most rewarding by far is opening doors for my designers that might've not been there had it not been for Colony

Nails of New York: Jean LinNails of New York: Jean Lin

When do you get your best ideas? 

The most random times! I had the idea for our painting bold blush and gray shapes on the walls that extend to the floor in our current exhibit while doing squats at the gym late one Friday night. 

Nails of New York: Jean Lin