Nails of New York: Jordan White

How did you pick your manicure and color combo?

I chose what my eye was drawn to first. I loved the mod vibes and the metallic accents! We then customized the colors to fit my lifestyle. As an influencer and content creator, I’m constantly taking pictures of my outfits. Sometimes I shoot a lot of looks in one day. As much as I would like to have crazy bright nails, I know I’d be sick of them in a week, and then they’d date all of my outfits. 

In one word, how does your manicure make you feel?

Polished. (No pun intended!)

Any funny, nostalgic nail moments or what’s your earliest nail memory?

My earliest nail memory is begging my mom to let me wear nail polish! I think I was 3 years old. She let me wear that Tinkerbell peel-off polish for kids. I was obsessed and proceeded to nail-polish everything in my life. My American girl doll got nail polish, my Barbies - everyone needed a manicure! 

Tell us about your journey to becoming a full-time blogger. 

Long story (very) long, but I worked in fashion and beauty PR in Los Angeles for 10 years before starting my blog. I saw social media, and then the blogger/influencer space start to become more and more relevant. Over the course of my PR career, I also had the opportunity to go on-air for outlets like E!, and speak on my clients’ behalf as a fashion or PR expert. I loved being in front of the camera and getting to be a bit more creative in my day-to-day. Although I loved working in PR, I was burnt out, ready to change it up, and step out from behind the scenes. 

In 2015, I launched as a side project, and my then-boyfriend (now husband) Scott (@BloggerPhotographer) took all my photos. He is completely self-taught and is now an incredible photographer working with major brands. He still takes 90% of my photos to this day, and we truly love working together! 

Scott and I had always dreamed of moving to Manhattan. We relocated to NYC in 2016, and not long after, Vanity Fair asked me to be one of their 2017 ambassadors. They featured me in the magazine, and so many opportunities opened up to me that year. I’m forever grateful. 

From 2016-2018, I consulted part-time as a PR and social media strategist for brands and worked on growing my own social platforms and blog the rest of the time. I finally transitioned to going full-time with @HauteHouseFlower in October of 2018, and I haven’t ever looked back!

What is your approach to color? 

Less is more. I prefer lots of sparkle to lots of color. While I totally love and appreciate color on other people outfit and beauty-wise, I feel prettiest wearing what I call “shimmering nude.” It’s like a pale tan with a touch of rose blush. I just think it’s the most flattering on my skin tone, doesn’t overpower me, and pairs perfectly with embellished accents like rose gold, metallics, pearl, etc. If I’m trying to branch out and wear more color, I’ll wear pastels, or do one pop of color in the form of an accessory, shoe, or coat. 

When do you get your best ideas and from where do you draw your inspiration?

I will always love print magazines, I get so much inspiration from fashion editorials! Anything by Grace Coddington, and also old photos of fashion icons from the 1960s-1990s. I also love dreamy, romantic imagery by artists like Tim Walker. I get so much inspiration from travel, estate sales and vintage shopping, as well as pretty packaging on beauty products. 

If I’m in a creative rut, I’ll enter a search term on Pinterest, select imagery that I’m drawn to, find a common thread, and the inspiration comes from there. I love to build out mood boards before any shoot or campaign. 

Three things you’re into right now?

- Podcasts! I listen to about 3-4 a day! I love to listen to them whenever I’m doing something mundane - like cleaning, taking the subway, packing, walking the dogs, etc. 

- My airpods! Living in NYC, and sharing a small space with my husband, I CANNOT live without them. Lol. 

- Gluten-free everything! I got into eating gluten-free a few months before my wedding to clear up my skin, and the results on my skin, my energy, and waistline have been INSANE. 

What are your go-to places in New York City?

There are SO many places! I’ll keep the list short:

- New York Pilates. It’s so aesthetically beautiful in there, and the instructors are fantastic. Reformer Pilates is the only exercise I have ever truly loved. I try and go 2-3 times a week. 

- The Plaza. It reminds me why I moved here. Tea at the Palm Court is always a favorite. 

- Dr. Dendy Engelman. She has changed my skin!

- Don Antonio’s (does delivery count?). They have the BEST gluten-free pizza in NYC. 

- Paintbox. Obviously! 

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