Nails of New York: Lo Bosworth

We've got the scoop on Paintbox client Lo Bosworth's nail game. We asked her about her favorite polish shades, as well as her beautiful almond shape. Take cues from Lo—just because you've worn a polish color or nail silhouette for years doesn't mean you can't shake things up. This multi-talented blogger, editor, and nail aficionada shares her thoughts on all things manicure in the latest installment of our Nails of New York series.

Why do you paint your nails?

I get my nails painted because it completes my look. My nails have always been my thing. Since coming to Paintbox, they've really been taken to the next level thanks to Christina Q. [manicurist and Assistant Manager of Education at Paintbox]. 

Do you have a favorite polish, or go-to color?

I typically wear gel, but if I'm wearing polish, I really love Essie. I gravitate towards anything in the nude family. A classic red used to be my favorite color, but I don't wear too much of that anymore. I now get a lot of greys, greens, and nudes. Today we went with this really perfect Barbie pink even though I can't even remember the last time my nails were pink like this!

Lo Bosworth photographed outside of our SoHo studio.

We often spot you with a single-color manicure. How do you feel about nail art?

I love nail art, but for me I change my polish so frequently that sometimes it feels like too big of a commitment to get nail art. I recently tried a matte navy and a small triangle stud, which I loved. And I love it on other people—it's so fun! 

Have your nails always been this gorgeous shape?

The shape of my nails has definitely changed since coming to Paintbox. I used to do more of a round nail, but now they're almond shape. The pointier ends are definitely on-trend.

Lo wears Gelish Pink Smoothie, a soft pink we're loving for spring.

Follow Lo's adventures in fashion, beauty, and food at her blog, The Lodown.

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