Megan Graham, Founder of Ries
Nails of New York: Megan Graham
In our latest profile, meet Megan Graham, founder of Ries, a sustainable brand that makes travel bottles built for beauty. Read on to learn more about what inspired Megan to start Ries, their exciting launch in Sephora, her holy grail beauty products, and more.

How did you choose your nail look? 

I really loved the symmetry of the “Make Amends” design from the Spring-Summer '22 Lookbook. It felt very yin and yang, balancing forces. It’s a nice, gentle reminder that highs will always follow the lows, and everything will find its natural balance. As a business owner, it’s an important thing to remember. 


Megan Graham, Founder of Ries


In one word, how does your mani make you feel? 


Any funny, nostalgic nail moments? Or your earliest nail memory?

I had this one purple-green iridescent nail polish as a kid that I loved! That very 90s color palette wormed its way into every homemade art project I did for years. I love that color can be such an important part of our lives in that way. I haven’t thought about that polish in decades!


Megan Graham, Founder of Ries


Tell us a bit about Ries and what inspired you to start the brand?

Ries makes the only refillable, reusable travel-size bottle designed for beauty. After years working for brands like Vogue and Allure, I found the experience of traveling with and packing toiletries to be inconvenient at best, and at worst, incredibly wasteful. 

Ries is all about the freedom to take care — of yourself and the environment. It's the thoughtful way to be on the move with your beauty routine. 

Anything new or exciting in the works for Ries that you want everyone to know?

We’re launching at Sephora! We’re the first refillable beauty travel bottle to ever launch at Sephora, and I couldn’t be more excited.


Ries Beauty


What are your proudest moments, personal and/or professional?

The entire trajectory of quitting my corporate job to start my own business has made me proud. It’s so much hard work, and I love every moment of it.


Megan Graham, Founder of Ries


What are your holy grail beauty products? 

I’ve really pared down my routine over the last year. Every day, I use Biologique Recherche’s P50, Stratia’s Liquid Gold Moisturizer, and I swear by the Thai Natural Crystal Deodorant.

Three of your go-to spots in NYC? 

Claud, Prospect Park, and every NYC bike lane. 

Your favorite Paintbox products?

Like Wild is the perfect green. And monthly nail art appointments with Chasity are a must!