Nails of New York: Megan Massacre
This week’s Nails of New York features Megan Massacre, a trailblazing tattoo artist and founder of Grit N Glory, a lifestyle boutique and tattoo studio on the Lower East Side. Read more to learn about how she finds creative inspiration, as well as how the worlds of nails and tattoos intersect artistically.

Our latest Nails of New York profile highlights the incredibly-talented tattoo artist Megan Massacre, whose studio Grit N Glory on Orchard Street on the Lower East Side is an artistic haven of creativity. Famous for intricate and amazingly-precise techniques, Megan's creative aesthetic is uniquely feminine. (Think delicate birds, soft roses, sophisticated butterflies, beautiful hydrangeas to name a few of her latest designs.) 

We've been flattered to have her as a client for many seasons at Paintbox and are always impressed with the manicures she picks, as well as the color palettes she chooses. In addition to tattooing her clients at Grit N Glory (and in Europe!), Megan also has created her own coloring book with her drawings, as well as formed a partnership with Happy Socks. See more of her work on her hands below and check out her ultra-rad pink ombre hair. Her cool gray manicure matched with warm, gold studs was "inspired by seasonal shifts," Megan says. 

Nails of New York: Megan MassacreNails of New York: Megan MassacreNails of New York: Megan Massacre