Nails of New York: Mi-Anne Chan

How did you pick your manicure and color combo?

I went with the Joy Ride design which is a fun, chunky squiggle up the side of the nail. BUT given that I am annoying and particular, I asked my artist (very nicely!) if she'd be willing to make each nail a little different, in a wabi-sabi, imperfect kind of way. She obliged and this is what we got! Nail art can get monotonous and perfection just isn't something I really strive for with a manicure so I love that each shape has its own cute, unique twist.

As for color, I'm very into monochromatic color schemes right now and will pretty much go for any color that matches my teal hair. So this dark-blue-meets-baby-blue number was a given. I'm predictable! What can I say ;)  

In one word, how does your manicure make you feel?


Any funny, nostalgic nail moments or what's your earliest nail memory?

I got my first set of acrylic nails back in 2016 inspired by Sailor Moon and I truly believe they opened up a whole new world of nails for me. Long acrylics are cumbersome (they make the most benign tasks SO HARD) but they're so worth it. They're gorgeous and it's so fun to adorn them with jewels and fun designs. A couple years back I got another set of acrylics that time with a fun bedazzled charm dangling off my pinky and Bootsy went nuts - it was like a built-in toy!

How’d you get your start working in beauty?

Has it already been five years? I went to school for journalism and started interning and freelance writing early on. I've always loved beauty, not just because I love makeup, but because beauty touches almost everyone, whether it’s in a purely materialistic way, or through a cultural, artistic, or even economic lens (I could go on and on) so I quickly discovered that was the beat I wanted to focus on in my writing career. Eventually, I landed an internship at Refinery29 (after a few stints at other publications) which lead to a promotion to the editorial assistant for their beauty team. A few years into my job at Refinery29, I started working a lot with the video team (and even launched my own YouTube show) and discovered I love producing and directing videos. This fall I took a leap and am now a video director at Conde Nast Entertainment, working on videos for all of their publications and I'm loving it so far!

Your personal style is incredibly colorful. Do you style yourself beauty-first or outfit-first?

It really depends on what I'm going for that day. Sometimes I wake up and I think, "Hey, I really want to wear a bold orange cat-eye today." Then, I'll think about my wardrobe and pull clothing items that match (If you couldn't tell, I love a monochromatic moment so oftentimes if I'm going bold on the eyes I'll match the colors in my clothes like this.)

Other times, I'll be really inspired by a piece of clothing itself and want to create something to go along with it. These pants for example are a new favorite and I can't wait to pair it with a fun wavy blue graphic eye. I think a good rule of thumb though with graphic makeup is to pull your makeup together either with colors of textures. If you're wearing glitter on the eyes for example, maybe go all out with a shiny satin top!

When do you get your best ideas and from where do you draw inspiration?

I pull inspiration from anything and everything. Recently, I've been so inspired by the pastel colors on these luscious cakes and the gritty, opulent textures of this jelly art. But when I'm not pulling color palette inspo from random things like that, I look to a lot of the amazing makeup artists like @chiaolihsu

Three things you're into right now?

 Natty wine - I am a true snob / @bonappetit obsessive so I love me a bottle of chilled red or a pet nat.

Ceramics - I recently told a friend that 2020 is going to be THE YEAR of hosting for me so aiming to reach my final form by devouring @alisoneroman content and investing in some choice ceramics (I just got a gorgeous ceramic carafe and mug from a ceramicist upstate for $30!!!!! I was psyched.)

Cream blush - Pillowy cream blush is the secret to luscious skin. Really into Tower28 Beauty magic hour right now!

Where are your favorite spots in NYC?

Secondhand bookstores - I love a secondhand bookstore. It's so fun to peruse the shelves and spend a few hours reading the backs of hardcovers and paperbacks until you find one that clicks. My favorite is Unnamable Books which has a collection of used and new titles.

Three's Brewing - I love a good glass of wine, but I don't discriminate against a stellar pint of beer. Brooklyn is home to a bunch of A+ breweries (Grimm, Evil Twin, Otherhalf are some great ones) but Three's is one of my favorites, mostly because it has a huge space with lots of chairs and tables and an incredible backyard. My friends and I love going there and having game nights. The beer is also dope with lots of different types to choose from from saisons to IPAs to stouts and pilsners. 

Mala Project - A close friend of mine introduced me to this incredible Sichuan dry pot restaurant. I'm partial to the East Village location but there's also a spot by Bryant Park. It's a fun way to experience a cozy, sit-down dinner that isn't too fussy but has AMAZING food. It's interactive, too, so you and your friends/fam can get a big pot and choose whatever toppings you want with it. I love the cheese-filled fish cakes!!! 

Do Or Dive - One of my favorite bars in Brooklyn. Divey in all the best ways — $5 whiskey and Miller Lite combos (my drink of choice there if you sub tequila), a shuffleboard table, funky light-up Coca Cola signs, and tufted, squeaky lounge seats — Do or Dive is such a fun spot to hang out with friends. They even have an outdoor patio and amazing Juke box with all the best from Elton John, to the Stones, and the Diana Ross!

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