Nails of New York: Morgan Thomas

How did you choose your nail look?

I’ve always liked stripes so I was immediately drawn to the wavy pattern. 

In one word, how does your mani make you feel?



Morgan Thomas - Yam


Where do you find inspiration?

I find a lot of inspiration from my childhood and vintage items. I’m always drawn towards mixing florals with structured metal findings. 

Tell us a bit about Yam and why you started the brand.

Yam is an ode to my late mother who introduced me to jewelry making. It was a hobby throughout my life, and I even sold jewelry at my church with a friend from elementary school. I went to college for studio art, and I worked with a few small designers after college. During my time in college, I made several artworks centered around the passing of my mom, and Yam allows me to continue this body of work in a new medium.

Morgan Thomas - Yam

 Is there anything new or exciting in the works for Yam that you want everyone to know about?

We just launched an exclusive collaboration with Sephora beauty brand, Tower 28. While the launch sold out within 12 hours, we are hoping to bring back this collab for a second restock. Next year, we are also planning more in-person events. 

What are some of your proudest moments, personal or professional?

I would say launching in the MoMA Design Store. I would always go to San Francisco MoMA in high school (I grew up in the Bay Area). As an art major in New York, I would visit MoMA all the time for assignments or personal time. It feels like a true full circle moment.


Morgan Thomas - Yam


What's your favorite gift you've ever given or received?

My friend, Simone, got me a “Bop It!” a couple of years ago. Any millennial should know what this is, but it’s an old toy from the early 2000s and I was obsessed when I was younger. No idea how she found it!

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