Nails of New York: Olivia Landau

How did you pick your manicure colors?
I usually stick with neutrals! I love light pink, pinky-nude and blush because they complement diamond jewelry so well! At Paintbox, you can add glitter accents to your manicure, which I recently did, and I am obsessed with it. It adds the perfect touch of sparkle!

What part of your job brings you the most joy? Working with our couples during such a special part of their relationship brings me so much joy! It is the most incredible feeling when I get photos and notes after a client proposes and I feel so grateful that I get to play a part. From the phone consultation, to selecting the perfect diamond, to creating the custom ring, we are with our clients from start to finish. Working with our clients through that journey to the end result is so rewarding.

How has buying diamonds/jewelry changed this year? Buying diamonds and jewelry has completely changed this year! Because of COVID-19, everything is remote. At The Clear Cut, we have always gotten many clients from social media so we already work virtually with clients from around the world. This year, the remote process for buying diamonds and jewelry has grown significantly because people aren't comfortable going in person and that has worked to our benefit.

We love your Bling It To The Ballot necklace and your segments - Real Diamonds, Real People. What is one women’s issue you’d like to see some change in? Aww, thank you! There are so many changes I would like to see! One in particular is we need more womxn in positions of power supporting each other. As more womxn gain leadership positions, I think a lot of companies will stop there and that’s a problem. Womxn need to be represented in all parts of companies, as RBG said, “'Women belong in all places where decisions are being made.” One way we can do that is by having more womxn supporting each other (providing access to resources, advice and mentorship).

Proudest moments (personally and/or professionally)? Getting into Techstars was an incredible moment for The Clear Cut! Today, I mentor entrepreneurs from Techstars and my alma mater, NYU, and I feel so proud and grateful that I get to give back. Personally, getting on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list was a dream come true and my wedding, of course, was the best day of my life!

Three things you’re into right now? Cooking, home workouts and going for a walk outside!

What are your favorite spots in NYC? Isodi in the West Village has the best cacio e pepe, my favorite gelato spot is Il Laboratorio and I have been loving going for walks in Central park!

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