Nails of New York: Pari Dust

Our latest Nails of New York profile highlights architect-turned-blogger Pari Ehsan of Pari Dust. Continually inspired by interior design and art, she created an extraordinary niche to highlight how these elements are uniquely connected. Winner of the CFDA Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award, Pari's ever-evolving and eccentric content has made her an extremely sought-after collaborator, with both fashion brands like Saks and J.Crew, as well as with beauty brands like Chanel and L'Oreal

Similar to how our artists design new nails, the creative process for her tends to start with the work of art itself. Frequently spending her weeks researching and scouting locations (her favorite: Dia Beacon), she uses colors, shapes, and the influence of light to construct her looks. Read more to learn about how her minimal, experimental, and graphic style translates into her beauty routine.  

Nails of New York: Pari Dust

In one word, how does a manic make you feel? 


Any nail nostalgia? 

I remember my older cousin always had her nails painted fun colors. She taught me how to paint my nails when I was little and would always give me nail polish for my birthday. 

Do you remember your prom nails?

Yes, they were round and lilac. 

When do you notice your nails the most? 

When I try on jewelry. Nails and hands are very elegant to me, and I associate that with jewelry. 

Nails of New York: Pari Dust

How do you pick your design? 

I often choose my design to be in harmony with current projects I am working on. When conceptualizing a shoot, I will pull nail references to work with the medium of art and fashion that I am collaborating on. 

How did you choose your look? 

Inspired by my current infatuation with the east/Chinoiserie, I created a twist on the French manicure. The nude/blush base combined with scarlet dragon tips resemble the glaze of 17th and 18th century Chinese ceramics. 

What made you choose this location?

The look was shot with the works of seminal Light and Space artist Mary Corse with her current exhibition at Lehmann Maupin. Mary Corse investigates notions of experience and perception through her paintings of various and experimental surface treatments. 

Nails of New York: Pari Dust

How do you use your make up and beauty as an integral part of your storytelling? 

Beauty is just another extension and transformation to my chameleon self. 

Finishing beauty touches?

YSL Faux Cils Shocking Eyeliner + Jin Soon Nail Polish

How do you continue to have fresh editorial concepts with your partners? 

The conceptual base of my editorials is always an idea I am interested in exploring in relation to an artist's work, a movement in art or architecture history, or a contemporary movement I see and feel happening around me. In that there is an endless amount of fiercely–a creative material to discover and draw from. Once I've landed on an idea to explore, I add elements of fashion and beauty to offer a lens into and heighten all that exists on and around me. I approach designers or partners with the idea and share visuals to illustrate. 

Nails of New York: Pari Dust

What has been your favorite shoot to date? 

I loved my shoot with Nars where I wore a different shade of lipstick with the works of Tom Wesselmann, the American artist known for his exploration of the female form. It was very special as it was with monumental works in the late artist's studio. 

When do you get your best ideas? 

When I meditate. 

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