Nails of New York: Patricia Voto

How did you choose your nail look? 

I love the power of a red nail mixed with the opulent feeling of the foil. It felt balanced.

Tell us a bit about why you founded ONE/OF.

One/Of was founded on the concept of using what we have. After years in the industry where more is more, and we built businesses on pushing product, I wanted to slow things down and work with archival materials that were sitting on shelves, collecting dust. The beauty of our product is the rich history behind each fabric paired with our made-to-measure process. We invite you to our studio to try the collection on, and then we start the process of making your pieces. 

Patricia Voto

What makes ONE/OF stand out from other ready-to-wear brands?

We are not trend-driven. We do not follow the fashion calendar. Each collection happens naturally & emotionally. We fall in love with our fabrics; and once we feel we have enough to create a capsule, the design process begins.

Patricia Voto

What are you most excited for as we approach the end of the year and the beginning of a new one?

I am greatly looking forward to a moment to self-reflect and establish new goals for next year. We launched last January, so we are coming up on our one-year anniversary. It’s a great moment for us to acknowledge our accomplishments as a small team but also find our opportunity for growth in the next year.


Three things on your holiday wish list?
A Nina Runsdorf Mini Garnet Calla Flip Ring, a Byrne Oisin Flowers Painting, and Heather Taylor Home table linens. 

What are your go-to spots on the Upper East Side? 
Bemelmans Bar for a good time, Conservatory Garden in Central Park for peace of mind, the Cooper Hewitt Museum for inspiration, and Blank Street for good coffee.

Favorite Paintbox products?
The Cuticle Oil, especially in the winter when my hands are so dry, The Art Set for tidy nails, and Like Spice polish for the perfect holiday color.

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