Nails of New York: Rachel Schwartzmann

This week's Nails of New York features Rachel Schwartzmann, founder of The Style Line, a media company with almost half a million followers on its tumblr. In 2011 (following her father's advice), Rachel boldly left college to build an authentic storytelling platform that focuses on connecting personal style with creative minds. Fast forward to now-she has a team of global contributors who work to share stories of people, places, and products that truly make an impact. 

Having worked with companies like Tumblr, IBM, and numerous fashion brands, Rachel has learned over the years to rely heavily on her creativity, empathy, and resilience. She also feels that sleep and a full reset is sometimes the best thing for clarity. Read more to learn about how manicures make her feel empowered, how her best ideas are the ones that energize her, and how she plans to evolve her business into a multi-brand media company. 

Nails of New York: Rachel Schwartzmann

Why do you paint your nails? 

I love the sense of completion it gives to my style. Plus, I'm on the quieter side, and Paintbox manis are always amazing conversation starters if I'm feeling nervous going into a meeting or taking on something new! Having a solid manicures makes me feel empowered. 

How do you pick your design? 

I pick my design and palette based on what I'm currently gravitating towards in my closet. My personal style has gotten much more refined over the years–though it has its eclectic moments. I'd like to think this approach is also translated into my nail art. I typically go for neutral palette with a bold design. Though in the manicure pictured here I decided to switch things up to kick off spring! 

Nails of New York: Rachel Schwartzmann

In one word how does a mani make you feel? 


Do you remember your prom nails? 

I vaguely remember them. I'm pretty sure I had cherry red nails to accent my white and pink dress! It was a very romantic look all around. 

When do you notice your nails the most and why? 

I am very hands-on in my profession and notice my nails constantly as I'm either typing, in meetings, or on-location at a shoot. It helps to know that my nails are put together even when the rest of my doesn't quite feel like it. :) 

Nails of New York: Rachel Schwartzmann

What is the mission of The Style Line? how did your idea to start? 

In its most current state, The Style Line is a media company dedicated to showing the impact personal style has in our lives. Through storytelling and community-building our mission is to show that creative elements like fashion, style, art, and more play an important role in some of the world's bigger conversations. We hope our stories and partnerships show young creative people that they can leave an imprint on the world–simply by doing what they love. In October 2015, we also launched The Style Line's first subsidiary business, a consultancy CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL, where we build and maintain blogs/editorial platforms for brands. My long-term goal is to transform The Style Line into a modern (and conscious) multi-brand media company and launching CONNECT(ED)ITORIAL) was the first step in building out more products and services under The Style Line umbrella. 

But before all this, The Style Line started as a passion project on tumblr while in high school. I grew up in NYC, and as I was applying for colleges (I originally wanted to be a fashion writer or editor), I thought it would be useful to have something to point to that demonstrated my abilities. Little did I know that would become my livelihood! 

How have you continued to evolve as the industry responds?

The evolution really matured when we relaunched the site (I ended up leaving college to form the business an work on the platform full-time), because our conversations with our interviewees about style began to change. It became less about trends and product and more about how style influenced how they lived their lives, and maybe more importantly, how it affected the big picture. 

You could say that our interviewees really shaped The Style Line's mission just from sharing their own stories. It has been interesting to apply our mission to the current political climate and conversations happening now. But no matter what, we will always be there to champion and celebrate the stories of the emerging, creative voices who are making the every day mean something (and doing so in style!). 

Nails of New York: Rachel Schwartzmann

What does a day-in-the-life look like for you? 

It really depends on what needs to be done in that moment. My weeks are pretty evenly split between "desk days" which consist of liasisnig with contributors, interviewees, partners or clients (not to mention editing, producing, and writing stories across all channels). The rest of the time I am in meetings or on shoots (in New York we average at least 5 a week). My (much-needed) weekends are a time for recharging and spending time with loved ones and friends! 

How have you chosen who is on your team? 

I feel so fortunate to say that most of them have chosen us! It's been a very organic and enriching process in building our global team of contributors, most of whom have been with me since the very beginning. From London to Los Angeles we actively work with ten people across the world on original and exclusive content that really sheds light on what's happening within these cities and their respective small business / style communities. I am proud and honored to have them be part of our journey. 

Nails of New York: Rachel Schwartzmann

When do you get your best ideas? 

They tend to come during the quiet moments (when I'm not looking at a screen). To me, the best ideas are the ones that energize me: the ones that remind me to put things in perspective and continue building my business with intention. 

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