Nails of New York: Sara Larson

How did you choose your nail look? 

I typically am never without a red nail. This look was inspired by Rihanna's flame nails mixed with a non-traditional french manicure — it feels very modern, and I also love that the negative space makes my nails look a bit longer than they are :)

Red manicure

Tell us a bit about your background as a fashion publicist.

I've had the pleasure of working alongside some incredible brands throughout my career which inspired me to launch my own firm, LARSON, where I get to represent brands that have a uniqueness that sets each one apart while also keeping them connected in a special way. It's important to me to keep the curation specific and thought of — so each brand feels the desire to grow and be their very best. 

Sara Larson

What inspired you to start your own venture with LARSON?

I love bringing a personal connection and intuition to fashion. Each brand I represent is almost an extension of myself in a way – meaning, I work with and embrace brands that I really believe in and want to see flourish in the world. I work side-by-side to build each brand with a 360-degree approach focused on the entire picture from sales to editorial features to celebrity to stylists to strategy and beyond. We map out where the brand has been, where they want to go and collaborate on ways to get there in the most impactful and organic ways. 

My focus is to empower each designer, co-founder, and brand in a way they desire to do so through their collections. This past year really opened up the space for me to launch out on my own, and I'm forever grateful.

Sara Larson

What part of NYFW are you looking forward to the most this year?

The originality each brand will bring to their collections. After a year of complete shake-ups and so much loss, I think our industry of designers is focused on bringing their best, most original works this Fashion Week. Also a little fun!

Sara Larson

How do you press reset and relax?

I love looking at red carpet fashion from award shows both old and new—being inspired feels so good! I always love a bubble bath and glass of wine to chill, with my favorite D.S. & DURGA candle, of course. My favorite thing is snuggling on the couch with my kids and reading to them, especially after a really busy time. It's the absolute best. 

Some things you're obsessed with right now?  

Milk's O.G. Red lipstick, this One Of coat for fall, Jamie Wolf's Emerald Ear Cuff for everyday, and Hunting Season's Weekender bag—perfect for fall trips upstate!

What are your favorite uptown spots in NYC? 

The Met, the Great Lawn in Central Park, JoJo's, The Paris Theater, and Bergdorf Goodman.

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