Nails of New York: Sarah Flint

How are you styling Like Cipria + Like Rose this spring?

I love that the pairing is a bit more neutral, but still includes a fun pop of color. It makes it so easy to pair with all of my open-toed shoes, especially our Perfect Block Sandal in sand. 

How does a mani make you feel?

Like the most polished and put-together version of myself. 

Any funny, nostalgic nail moments or what's your earliest nail memory?

I definitely remember all of my sisters painting each other's nails when we were growing up and fighting over who got to paint my mom's nails, which I'm sure she hated because we were not the most careful artists!


From where do you draw inspiration? 

Travel has always been a big source of inspiration for me. Some of my favorite designs were inspired by exploring a new place and culture like Lisbon, Greece, and England. 

What color do you gravitate toward?

Generally I love all things blue, but typically pick a shade of red for my nails. 

Do you have a work-from-home ritual?

I wouldn't say I've found my ritual quite yet (I'll keep you posted!), but I have found that taking a walk at the end of each day has been hugely helpful. It's something I look forward to throughout the day, and is a good time to clear my head. I never realized how important transitions are to my daily routine and enjoy that it sort of marks the start of my evening.  


What are you listening to right now?  

I’m listening to a lot of podcasts despite not having my normal walk to the office. Skimm’d From The Couch and The Daily are my favorites at the moment.

6pm beverage?

I’ve been enjoying “Quarantinis,” which are essentially Cosmopolitans made by my mom.

Favorite scent?

Chocolate chip cookies coming out of the oven.


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