Neon Lights
Electric orange, tropical yellow, amped-up fuchsia: neon nails are totally having a right-now moment. We'll show you how to make these vivid shades look modern and sophisticated.

Neon nails shouldn't be intimidating. You can easily make them look more refined by adding a matte top, pairing them with a nude tone, offsetting a bold shade with negative space, or neutralizing their fierceness by swirling bright colors together for a marble design. Here's how you can give your fingertips a jolt with dynamic neons. 

Neon Lights

-A matte top coat tones down a crazy-electric color like orange in our Fine Points design.  

-Our marble Force of Nature mani playfully swirls together multiple heat-seeking shades. 

-Graphic negative space in this Up Top! designs breaks up a full-coverage bright. 

-Pair a neon with nude to offset the summer-y tones of our Show & Tell design. 

-Complement a neon shade with a lighter, angular line in this All Angles Covered mani.

Neon Lights