New and Now: Resort 2020

In half sheer and half opaque, our angular Cozy Times manicure is a modern way to wear a single color. Artists' secret: this design looks especially dramatic in darker colors, such as turquoise, chocolate brown, and deep wine tones.
Like a hug for your nails, our new Copenhagen design has organic curvy swipes to bring dynamic interest to your fingertips. Also, the muted, matte finish adds an instant Scandinavian touch that's very right-now.
Our two-toned Bundle Up look is a fun manicure to show off your color theory skills with your favorite color combinations. Plus the curvy scoops (with a sliver of negative space in the middle) elongates your nails.
Meet Fair Isle: a design that bisects in the center of the nail–connected by an unexpected dot. Try it in matte or shiny depending on your mood. Some fun color combinations to play with: red/tan, snow white/chocolate, or even mauve/caramel. 
Elevate a single-color neutral with a thick line that goes vertically up the nail. We love how this Down to Earth design doesn't reach the edge of the fingernail (a different, cool touch) and how it transforms with a matte finish.

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