New and Now: Resort 2020 Power Couple
Cute couple alert: introducing our first-ever top coats in our Power Couples collection. Turn your manicure into a style accessory with our newest matte (Like Fog) and shiny (Like Glasseffects that are truly change agents.

We know that you have many facets of your personality–our new top coats can instantly change the mood of your manicure. For a glossy, expensive effect try our ultra-reflective Like Glass lacquer. And to add a modern edge to any manicure, apply our incredibly mattifying Like Fog top coat. Both can turn your nails into whatever mood you crave to express your personal style.

Meet our newest top coat–our matte Like Fog. Applying this hazy, cool top coat over any manicure gives it instant edge. Clients love how the matte effect morphs pastels into modern statements with silica, as well as changes brights and darks into more muted accessories.


Want a patent-leather effect on your fingertips? This shiny top coat looks reflective, glossy, and extremely flattering (thanks to cellulose and dimethicone). Reapply every other day to keep nails looking like you just walked out of our uptown/downtown studios.