New and Now: Resort 2022
New and Now: Resort 2022
Now introducing Jetsetters, our Resort 2022 Capsule inspired by travel and wanderlust. With asymmetrical shapes, contrasting textures, and bold hues, these playful-chic nails are all about reigniting your adventurous side. They'll make you feel like you're on a well-deserved getaway, even just from your couch.

With a diagonal line of dots over a sheer, milky base, Baggage Claim is light and playful with a modern edge.

Combining color, glitter, and negative space, Upgrade is cool-girl alternative to your typical french manicure.



Meet color blocking as nail art. Inspired by the distinguished shape, Passport features two contrasting colors in an asymmetrical design. 

Elongate your nails with our Runway design, which features vertical glitter lines over a creamy color base.



Jet Lag is all about textural contrast. An abstract wavy line in a shiny finish pops against the same color—but matte. Plus, each nail is slightly different, elevating this subtle style to the next level.

In a fun and modern twist on a negative space design, Takeoff is equal parts trendy and sophisticated.