New and Now: Summer 2020 Street Stars Nails

Designed by Creative Director Mabelyn Martin, our SoHo design features our newest Power Couple for Summer 2020: Like Lilac + Like Muse.

Our favorite neighborhood in Los Angeles–Malibu was designed by Master Artist Maira Reyes-Flores using Like Wonder (our powdery mint-blue) and Like Rain (our slate denim). 

This luxe Parisian design named after the ultracool neighborhood Le Marais was designed by Creative Director Mabelyn Martin, who painted with our cherry red Like Desire and flattering pink Like Blush.

London's most chic neighborhood Marylebone was created by Master Artist Maira Reyes-Flores with pastel mint Like Wonder and denim blue Like Rain

Design District in Miami has inspired our team creatively for years. Master Artist Maira Reyes-Flores created this 90s-esque design with our new tonal purple Power Couple: Like Lilac + Like Muse. The matte effect with our Like Fog top coat gives the look even more edge. 

Brera in Madrid is as romantic as it is expensive-looking. Creative Director Mabelyn Martin designed this luxe look with our peachy-pink Like Flora and our cinnamon Like Spice

Credits: Aileen Son (Photography); Antonia Cheri (hand model–Malibu, Marylebone, Design District ); Tami Terzian (hand model–SoHo, Le Marais, Brera)

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