New and Now: Twice As Nice
See how our Power Couples come to life with modern nail art pairings, spotlighting our six, brand-new lacquer shades for Spring-Summer 2019. Glimpse how these duos truly go hand in hand.

Like Wild + Like Wonder: Mossy green paired with powder blue is unpredictably wearable year-round. “These shades are both grounding and uplifting–this couple feels minimalist, natural, and tranquil,” says Elle Langston, Paintbox Chief Creative Officer.

Like Spice + Like Spring: Cinnamon with light lemonade yellow packs a retro (but right-now) punch. “This laidback, flattering pairing was inspired by interior design trends and California in the 70s,” Elle says.

Like Desire + Like Dreams: “As a duo, this poppy-red coral and pale lilac tell a story that’s timeless,” Elle says. “Red is the most powerful color on the spectrum, and this soft purple is the most-requested shade at our studio.”