Paintbox 2.0: Power Couples

Dear Paintbox Friends,

For the past five years, we’ve had the honor of helping women gain confidence–via their nails and an elevated manicure experience. It has been an incredible journey at 17 Crosby Street, and the most rewarding part of the process has been watching our personable artists (the best in the biz) and clients connect over manicures, as well as helping women step outside of their comfort zones. Paintbox has become the third space–a place of hospitality for a community of women to gather and spark conversations. Manicures and magic go hand in hand.

For 2019, we’re excited to bring Paintbox into your lives in new, modern ways. Our extremely-talented artists have become known for color theory–suggesting unexpected shades that somehow work effortlessly together. So, we’re launching innovative polish in the form of Power Couples–cool, hyper-curated combinations that are flattering on all skin tones. (We know because we’ve tested them on more than 115,000 clients at our SoHo studio.) Stay tuned for original, easy-to-navigate pairings each season, as well as our new blog series, Better Together, where we spotlight incredible women who bring out the best in each other.  Psst: we’re also expanding our studios to new locations, so let us know if you want our artists to come to your city.  As always, we are most excited to see how you will continue to treat your nails as a powerful accessory this year and beyond.

Cheers to nailing your look!


Elle + Jane + Paintbox Team

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