Color Theory: Paintbox x Pantone
Color Theory: Paintbox x Pantone
Our eyes can perceive more than 2.8 million different colors. But it doesn't have to be that overwhelming or intimidating. Meet our newest Power Couples and watch approachable color theory magically come to life.

Our creative artists are known for color theory and encouraging our clients to go outside their comfort zones by pairing unexpected shades together. For our SS19 Power Couples we picked interesting combinations that were chosen from five years of research and more than 117,000 manicures. And we also turned to the experts–read more to hear what Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, has to say about our new dynamic duos.

Like Wild + Like Wonder: “This pairing is another unusual combination very reminiscent of the early 60s when olive-y greens and blue were combined for the first time (ever). It has a nostalgia vibe.” 

Like Desire + Like Dreams: “These red and lavender colors descend from the ‘mother color’ red, so they both have a warm component. The lavender has also has a component of coolness—making this a beautifully balanced and unexpected combo.” 

Like Spice + Like Spring: “This duo is an analogous combo—they both have a warm undertone that is not unexpected as they will always blend well, a classic combo with pleasing contrasts.”